Sobriety Story Impacts Thousands

  Cape Coral woman’s sobriety story inspires thousands. From the party life to a life of sobriety and a story that has impacted thousands. As she writes her memoir, Kelly Junco recalls…

Impossible Burger Taste Test
Can the Impossible Burger Possibly Taste Like Beef?

The short answer is no. To a food enthusiast, changes to the food industry are exciting. This is especially true when the food has purpose. This was the case for the Impossible Burger, a plant-based…

Hidden History of Fort Myers

    “Most of the conversations we recently hear about Fort Myers is about how it’s among one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. What we tend to forget, though,…

Meet Volunteers From Harry Chapin Food Bank

    What’s better than watching the community come together to help those in need? Meet volunteers from Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida, Inc. who show that sacrificing a little…

Drinking With Style – Craft Cocktails In Naples

  According to some, craft cocktails are old hat. In SWFL, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Three years ago, Chef Vincenzo Betulia expanded his downtown Naples restaurant, Osteria Tulia. The…

Sgt. Sam Gonzalez: THE MARATHON COP

People have a funny way of expressing themselves; their acts sometimes expose more about them than probably they are willing to admit. Officer Gonzalez act and dedication to something so grueling proves…

Little Chefs N Training of Fort Myers

  Lauren Daniels owner of Little Chefs N Training teaches children the joy and value of cooking and provides them with an interactive learning experience. From events like Parents Night Out and…

No More Daylight Savings in Florida?

  Can you imagine never having to deal with changing your clocks or losing an hour of sleep each year? Senator Greg Stuebe is hoping to make this possible for the state…

SWFL Business
How Hard is it to Bring a Company to SWFL?

  So, why does it take so long for businesses to come to southwest Florida? Any deal starts with a buyer (mostly an established company), eyeing a piece of land they want.…

Fort Myers City Council Silence Citizens

  Be careful what you say when you’re addressing City Council, you might get shut down or arrested. Attention residents of Fort Myers, City Hall, has put a new rule in place…

Ride Nature
Ride Nature: Spreading Fun Across The World

  Ride Nature is a local action sports organization dedicated to outreach, evangelism and giving generously, making sure people across the world are having fun. They spread the word and the fun…

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Be one of the first to receive weekly updates on local events Subscribe to our Newsletter With the craziness of the holidays, I figured you might want to know that the Harlem…

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This weekend, take the family to see one of the top lights display in SWFL, enjoy some of the top classics music has to offer, grab a gift for a local senior and end the weekend with …dare I say it? Cookies.
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Do you know all the rules of the road? If not, watch this.
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Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida, Inc. is making sure that no family goes hungry this Holiday Season
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Remember that awful video that came out this past summer of a shark being dragged behind a boat? Three people are now facing charges.

Michael Wenzel, 21; Spencer Heintz, 23; and Robert Lee Benac, 28, are each charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty. That’s a third-degree felony that could put them behind bars for up to 5 years on each count. Wenzel and Benac are also facing a misdemeanor count of illegal method of take - shark.

If you were sitting on the bench and holding the gavel, what do you think the punishment for these three should be?
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Heard your favorite business is coming to SWFL, but have yet to actually see it? Same here.
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