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Village of Estero Approves $24.5 Million Purchase of 62-Acre Land

3:08 PM, Sep 21, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

$24.5 million — that’s how much the Village of Estero agreed to pay Thursday night for 62 acres of land near Koreshan State Park .

This is the first land purchase made since incorporation in 2014.

Village of Estero Approves $24.5 Million Purchase of 62 Acres of Land

The land is near Corkscrew Road and U.S. 41. The village wants to make sure it is kept a green space.

Estero River Outfitters is one of the businesses in front of that plot of land. It is thrilled about the acquisition.

I would say it would help our business," Justin Stuller said, an Estero River Outfitters manager. "I mean everyone that comes to our business are outdoors people it would really help our business."

But in Estero’s financial impact statement for buying the property, it said, “the Village would need to secure long-tern debt to make this purchase.”

This would be the first time since the Village of Estero was established that it would go into debt.

Stuller believes the acquisition is worth the expenditure.

“If it’s going into debt to turn it into a green space to preserve that land of what old Florida is," Stuller said, "I think it’s worth it. If we don’t preserve it there’s not much left."

The Village said that it won’t cost residents extra money and taxes won’t go up for this project. Plans for the land aren’t set in stone, but it will be preserved as a green space.


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