Things to Do

The Golden Hour

10:20 AM, Aug 28, 2018

Caressed by Gulf breezes, accompanied with comforting sounds from a local violinist, we are weaving in-between families carrying boxes of local confections and beachgoers who are dusting the sandy evidence of a successful day from their legs. This is Fort Myers Beach at sunset.

The atmosphere is relaxed and unhurried, almost contagiously so. A child playing at the shoreline asserts his need for one more moment with the ocean before packing up for the day. Amid the crowd, a group of strangers share a bench discussing the evolution of the city’s infrastructure.

Ice cream races down the sides of freshly-baked waffle cones as the crowd searches for the perfect vantage point to capture the setting sun. The air is thick and the mood radiates excitement. Clutching their cameras, the audience anxiously awaits the climax of the soon disappearing sun.

Here, at sunset, responsibility seems irrelevant and discontent unfathomable. What beauty lies in the way eventide creates a unity between complete strangers, from both near and far, bringing them together to this space to celebrate the dance of the sun.