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Tips and Tricks to Carving a Pumpkin for Your Kids

1:22 PM, Oct 16, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

Pumpkin carving is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, but you have to make sure you stay safe while you're doing it.

5 Easy Steps to Carving a Pumpkin for Your Kids

1. Select your pumpkin. Make sure it’s round and has no bruises. The more colorful and brighter the better.

2. Cut the crown, remove the seeds. Another option is instead of removing the top of the pumpkin to scoop out the insides is cutting a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin. This way if you're using a candle inside it you can just place the carved pumpkin on top of the lit candle rather than reaching inside the pumpkin to light the candle.

You can also opt out for battery operated lights instead of the traditional candle. Battery or flameless lights are a safer option when lighting your pumpkin.

3. Draw or stencil the face. Here you can get as creative as you want or keep it simple and traditional.

Some of us aren't as creative, but no worries because several companies offer stencils and tools to make things a little easier. These stencil kits also come with kid-friendly pumpkin carving tools that are safe for kids to use like serrated pumpkin. Remember if there are kids involved make sure that there is adult supervision.

4. Carving the pumpkin’s face. This is where your pumpkin transforms into a jack-o-lantern. Under no circumstances let your children carve. You should be the one handling the sharp carving tools.

Bonus Tip

Ideally, your freshly carved jack-o-lantern would last a while, but if you cut it too soon, it might not make it to Halloween day. Make sure to leave the carving until few days before Halloween. If not, the high Florida temperatures will rot your pumpkin quick. An excellent way to extend your jack-o-lantern life is by putting it in the fridge and take it out on Halloween night!

Safety Tip

If you or a family member gets cut while carving a pumpkin make sure you apply direct pressure to the injury using a clean, dry cloth. Applying pressure will help the stop the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn't stop in 15 minutes, get to an emergency room or urgent-care clinic.

Remember have fun be creative and most importantly be safe.


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