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Best Neighborhoods to Take Your Kids Trick or Treating

5:49 PM, Oct 19, 2018


Val Simpson

On Halloween, other than dressing up, the one thing kids look forward to the most is collecting the candy. So as parents we look for neighborhoods that are fun, friendly, and safe to take our kids trick-or-treating.

That's if you already don’t live in a neighborhood that fits this description.

Best Neighborhoods to Take Your Kids Trick-or-Treating

So I asked a group of Southwest Florida moms which were the most family-friendly neighborhoods to take your kiddos trick-or-treating. They shared places all up and down SWFL.

Nina Marie Able from Punta Gorda said that the historic district right across from the park every year is the busiest. "My neighbors have a haunted walk through their yard. My other neighbor goes huge and gets bands, large screens to show movies," said Nina Marie. "Every year they have a different theme. My friends and family come over to my front porch. We see on average about 2,000 kids give or take. On Gill Street Punta Gorda.”

Leydi Media from Cape Coral said she takes her little ones to Pelican Street. "Every house decorates for Halloween," said Leydi. "There’s also a church or daycare right in front of the school that grills hot dogs and stuff.”

Melissa Rae from North Fort Myers takes her kids to Daughtry’s Creek in North Fort Myers because they always have great decorations.

Stephanie Nicole Caraballo also from Fort Myers said, "Villas has always been great! Majority of the neighborhood decorates and stays out late, haunted houses, people giving out water and really neat stuff. Soooo many kids!"

Brittany Azzarello told us that Danforth Lakes in Fort Myers, near Daniels and I-75 is a safe neighborhood that turns into a giant block party.

"People have parties and tables with chairs at the end of the driveway, so little to no knocking on strange doors," said Brittany. "The traffic is nearly impossible because of the number of people walking and everyone tries to respect that it’s a huge three-part development. So finishing one part would fill a bucket for little ones and everyone is family-friendly and respectful.”

Liz Williamson said that Hidden Acres in North Fort Myers is a great spot because the gated community is laid out in a circle. She also said that the homes are larger, making it the perfect distance from each other to make it around in about 1 1/2 hour. The kids get their candy and with all the walking between houses, they are exhausted by the end of the night.

Stacey Hoerner Pignotti in Fort Myers said that her old neighborhood off Three Oaks was the best because people would be out in their driveways with tables, and some even have haunted houses.

Carmen Denise Santiago in Estero said last year she loved taking her children to Bella Terra.

And Brandi Morgan in Naples recommended Victoria Park or Willoughby Acres.

In Fort Myers, some neighborhoods create an actual page on Facebook for their Halloween haunted houses.

These locations will get very crowded very fast. So remember to arrive early. A good trick-or-treating start time is around 5 pm. But you're going to want to leave no later than 8:30 pm.

Happy Trick-Or-Treating!


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