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Thrift Store Find: Frank Doerner Lounge Chair

One of the best things about living in Southwest Florida is the variety of thrift stores located throughout the area. If you’re new to the area, living on a budget or looking for vintage statement pieces to furnish your home, you’re bound to find something.

After relocating to Southwest Florida after Hurricane Irma, I decided to furnish my Cape Coral apartment with thrift store finds. One of my first purchase was a Frank Doerner two-piece lounge chair, which I found at the Goodwill located on Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers, Fla.

A 1975 Frank Doerner replica usually sells for about $1,000 , and you can spend up to $3,000 for an original.

Goodwill had the Frank Doerner two-piece lounge chair priced at $150. A customer then offered me her 50% coupon where I could apply to any item during the grand opening weekend.

That coupon came in handy because I ended up getting the chair for $75. Not too shabby.

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