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Those Struggling To Find Work May Have Opportunity Amidst Cooling Boom

According to Penguin Air and Heating, the air conditioning business in Southwest Florida is booming. And that means more opportunities.

It’s a good problem for them, but an opportunity for you. As the cooling industry is booming, one company says it worries about filling jobs to match the demand.

“I definitely see the remainder of this year being busy,” said Gus Mondragon with Penguin Air.

“It’s a problem throughout any company in southwest Florida (or) in Florida in general. The amount of kids getting out of high school wanting to go into a trade for say like air conditioning is very slim.”

Gus believes that’s because kids are pushed by parents and educators to get degrees in whatever they want. It might also have something to do with the difficulty of the job. Though Gus loves what he does, he describes the job as tough.

“Crawling around an attic is going to be different – working outside – checking pressures on units – cleaning units. And you’re always gonna be in the heat.”

But those are only the negatives to working a trade like air conditioning. Gus believes there are plenty of reasons for young and old alike to get into the trade if they’re looking for opportunities.

“I’m never stuck in a cubicle. I’m out there helping people and trying to make a difference,” he remarked.

He said it’s something you can learn fast, too. And make very good money with right out of high school.

“You can actually learn these trades within 12 months or 6 months,” Gus explained.

“How we start our employees off – you could come right out of school with very little experience, we’d start you at around 30k a year.”

He said it depends on how much you put into it and how fast you can learn, “But I can easily see within a few years you making 30-50k no problem.”

Gus believes the booming business will present a great opportunity to those struggling to find work, especially as the business continues to heat up.

“We need more people wanting to get out of high school and try a trade. Because a trade is something you’ll never lose. No matter how bad the economy gets, a trade is something you’ll always have and you’ll always have a job.”