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The Harold P. Curtis Honey Company

Oh, honey, you’ve got to get here.

Growing up, I only knew Labelle as a place where you go to:

1) Stop for gas.
2) Grab a cup coffee before a long road trip.
3) A town you cut through to get to Fort Lauderdale, Miami or the other coast.

Am I the only one that grew up here, but can admit that there are still so many parts of this area that I am yet to explore thoroughly?

I’m very focused on fixing this, which is why I found myself in Labelle last week. I stumbled across the Harold P. Curtis Honey Company. I wasn’t too sure of what I was walking into when I parked the car and stepped inside. I wasn’t even sure how appealing a honey storefront could bee (see what I did there).

I walked in and was immediately greeted by the character of a small-town, old hub of history. Wood paneling and shelving lined with bear-shaped bottles of locally sourced honey filled the air with the flavors that the company is well-known for Orange Blossom, Palmetto, Wildflower, Seagrape, and Mangrove. The base nectar of these flavors is harvested from orange groves, Desoto County and even SWFL’s own Sanibel Island. I’m not sure if it gets anymore Florida than that.

I was also greeted by Rene, whose grandfather bought bees from a local apiarist which would eventually lead to the start 1954 start of the Harold P. Curtis Honey Company. Not only did she share the history of the company with me, but she also shared how vital bees are to our environment.

The local feel of the shop extends into the other items that are sold, including candy, candles, marmalade – all yielding from locations all over Florida.