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TechStars StartUp Weekend has Returned to Fort Myers

This would be the second time StartUp Weekend has come to Fort Myers and both times Endeavors Workspaces hosted the event.


“Anyone who has a business idea for a product service or an app. It can be tech-based or consumer based,” says Bjorn Rosinus CEO of Endeavors Workspace

“The only major requirement TechStars asks of is that it your product is not an existing business.”

The cost of the 54-hour event is $25 for students and $89 for everyone else. StartUp Weekend starts promptly on Friday, April 13, 2018, at 2 pm.


  • A laptop
  • A tablet
  • Or something that will allow you to connect to the internet and get work done


Endeavor is opened all weekend. “When you come in on Friday you don’t have to stay but if you like to and you want to work an all-nighter you can, we’ll be opened,” says Bjorn.

And don’t worry about heading out for a bite to eat. Endeavor has that covered too.

The idea to StartUp Weekend is to pitch your ideas and learn how to start a business from scratch.

“If nothing else, you will come, you will learn, you will network, you will meet people…and build relationships. That’s what it’s all about,” Bjorn says.