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State of the Art Pre-School is Coming to Downtown Fort Myers

Besides Cutting-Edge Curriculums, New Pre-School Prioritizes School Safety

A state of the art preschool is opening later this year in Downtown Fort Myers. Connection Point Early Learning Center will have top-notch equipment and “cutting-edge curriculums.” You’d expect that from a state of the art facility, but what cutting-edge ideas are in place for school safety?

To start – every room and door are all on magnetized security locks. That means parents or any outsider will only be able to get into the building or a classroom with either approval by the school staff or by entering a secure code. Additionally, the school will have two rooms with no windows that students and faculty would access in case there is an active shooter. School Director Laura Petel also says that the entire school building will have cameras all over. Faculty will have access to these cameras to make sure everything is in order, “One of the biggest safety features that we decided to do at this school is to have a camera view on every classroom. We have cameras inside, outside. All of our general areas have cameras. So we’ll be able to all day watch what is going on. “No one can get into our school unless they’re invited in. We only got two entrances, and one of them is the double door entry that is right next to my office. The other entry is once you’re into the school so really there is only one entrance from the outside in.”

Don’t worry about fire danger and the only one entrance… there are several exits for safety, and through out the year, the new preschool will conduct the necessary safety drills required by the state, “We have taken the last three years to really research others schools and decide what works best for the really high performing schools. We talked to directors, teachers, parents and students who attended those schools to find those things that really really worked” says Director Laura Petel.

Limiting access plus more extensive surveillance are key elements to many new school plans. Those are also big pieces of plans to keep existing schools safer for students, faculty, and staff.