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Southern Rage Paintball Team

Football and Baseball are not for everyone. Sometimes there needs to be more excitement like shooting friends with small balls of paint going at 280 feet per second.

The Developmental Paintball League attracts people of all ages who want to have an adrenaline rush. Since the league is skill based, team members can range from 9-years-old to 50. The age range also allows many parents and their children to play on the same team creating a bonding that is missing from other sports.

According to Chris Macfarlane, owner of the Southern Rage Paintball Team, it’s the best way for fathers to demonstrate positive lessons to their sons. Paintball seems to help those children in their awkward teenage years who are highly intelligent but are having trouble in social circles. The sport, suggests a rigid structure and forces members of the team to rely on each other and thus forms friendships.

So, what kept on the straight and narrow in your formative years? Was it a pigskin flying through the air? The crack of a bat? Or the pop of a paintball splatting against your chest?

Let us know. We would like to hear it.