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Shortage of SWFL Refs in Football Games

Everyone loves a man in uniform! Shiny shoes, pressed shirt, and a fitted duck-billed cap. We love our Ref’s!

But sadly, for the S outh Gulf Football Officials Association (SGFOA), the men (and women) who take the time to volunteer as football referees have been on the decline. We spent the afternoon speaking with Doug Stevens, of SGFOA and he filled us in on the shortage of referees and how this affects the SWFL area.

Fewer refs could lead to more chaotic games. These types of games can create distasteful experiences for our kids. The SGFOA is in need of 50 refs for the fall and is eager to fill slots. Doug encourages all ages and genders to apply.

This is where you can play a role! If you want to make an impact in the SWFL community, contact Doug for more information. The first meeting for potential referees is on May 1st.

Contact: Doug Stevens

Phone: (239)872-2570