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Sgt. Sammy Gonzalez Begins Ten-Day 390-Mile Journey to Tallahassee

On Thursday, Sgt. Sammy Gonzalez is going start his 390-mile run from Fort Myers all the way to Tallahassee.

The ten-day journey will cover 2 million 59 thousand two hundred feet, up the west coast of Florida. Once at our capital, he will present $20,000 he raised for Concerns for Police Survivors. A charity organization who assists families of fallen police officers across the country.

Behind him will be a support team with ice coolers, snacks, drinks, socks, extra clothing, they’re going to bring a water mister because the weather is going to be really hot out.

Boiling hot, according to the AccuWeather five day forecast there’s going to be a consistent 88 degrees when he runs about 55 miles a day. It may be a concern but it’s not deterring the veteran police officer.

“Some of the business owners and people who have helped out case have been incredible.” Says

And as for Sammy’s plans once the run is over:

“I’m going to grab a beer and sit down.”

The starting ceremony is open to the public Thursday morning and will be at the Lee County Sheriff’s office on Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers a 730 am, the bagpipes will be playing. And the public is more than welcome to attend or run with Sammy Gonzalez for the first half mile.

If you would like to keep up with Sammy on his incredible run, check out his facebook page Run For the Fallen. There you’ll find instant updates and the path he’s taking.

And if he passes by you, be sure to cheer on THE MARATHON COP.