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Saving the Florida Panther

We share Florida with some big cats. The Florida Panther, also known as a puma, mountain lion, or cougar, is the state animal of Florida. They are amongst the most endangered species of animal on the planet, with only 120-230 adults in population today. This is due to habitat loss and urbanization, causing panthers to cross busy roads or move away. Although, numbers have been rising over the past year! (keep up the good work)

The majority of Florida Panthers lie south of the Caloosahatchee River, and east of Naples. Female panthers require 60-70 square miles of her own space, while males need 160-200 square miles. This is why some panthers are spotted as far north as Georgia.

Florida panthers, although carnivorous, have never attacked a human being. They move at night, so there are few run-ins either. But, if you do come in contact with one, it is best to make the animal aware that you acknowledge their presence. They will most likely continue on.

To support the research and protection of our big cats, visit The Nature Conservancy , or switch your license plate to a specialized panther plate to donate!

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