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Perfect Combination: Brew Pubs and Food Tucks

In Southwest Florida, mobile food vendors have tight restrictions on when and where they can park their food truck.

To provide a sense of stability, breweries allow food trucks to park on their property.

“Breweries, I would say are leading the way for having a place for food trucks,” says Kyle Cebull, owner of Millennial Brewing Co.

However, Millennial Brewing isn’t the only brew pub teaming up with SWFL food trucks. Fort Myers Brewing, Bury Me Brewing, and Palm City are just some of the other breweries where food trucks pull in and set up shop.

Food trucks have to be invited to serve their bites in front of brew houses. Kyle says the pairing is mutually beneficial for both businesses.

“We don’t sell food in our own establishment,” he explains.

“It’s a perfect scenario because the people who are here now will have a beer or two, and their going to want something to eat. If the food truck is sitting right there, that’s good for the food truck and that’s good for us.”