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New Technology Being Used For Home Roof Inspections

Using drones for roof inspections is becoming a cheaper and safer option for homeowners

Irma made home inspectors think about how to work smarter not harder and instead of climbing ladders to inspect roofs… They’re taking drones up.

“You can remove people off the roof and replace it with a drone so if that somebody doesn’t have to be on the roof they never go on a roof,” Andrew Kobza owner of Florida Aerial Survey Technologies said.

By removing people from inspecting roofs using drones for inspections turns out to be a cheaper option.

“It’s nothing compared to the cost of getting a ladder crew out or hiring a boom lift, which is the alternative,” Kobza said. “It’s probably a factor of 10 cheaper than either for those.”

Since drones have cameras, they’re a good way to see your property instantly and in some cases avoid getting scammed.

“If your contractor says there’s a ton of damage and it needs to be replaced, say ‘ok can I see the photos of the damage?'” Kobza said. “He should be taking photos of catastrophic damage to be able to prove. It can also help further down the line if there is catastrophic damage and you need to make an insurance claim.”

Yes, drones are safer, cheaper and faster but remember — go to the right people. People that have licenses to do these kinds of inspections. Stay safe SWFL.