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New Childcare On-Demand App

Need a car to pick you up? There’s an app for that. Need a last minute babysitter though? Not so easy. Until now.

Bonita Springs entrepreneur and single mom of two daughters, Frances Wilhelm has launched a service called ALICE, an on-demand family assistant. The new website debuted in January in Lee and Collier counties.

ALICE offers last minute, unplanned and scheduled service, including childcare, rides for children, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation, caring for aging parents and other concierge services available through the ALICE mobile app, releasing soon.

But is it safe? Every ALICE must have at least 5 years of experience, become “ ALICE Certified ,” and pass an extensive background check to confirm there are no records, traffic tickets and that they are drug-free before they can provide care to families. These tests are administered once per year, including fingerprinting.

Every new member can schedule an in-person visit first to meet an ALICE caretaker and to answer any questions or fears. You can also select which ALICE caretakers you would like, so it’s not completely random. Families also set up a secret password with their ALICE so kids can feel safe being picked up by the service.

Almost all ALICE caregivers and caredrivers are women — often teachers, nannies, day care workers and mothers. Every ALICE is required to carry ride-sharing insurance that exceeds state requirements in addition to the coverage the company carries.

“Our caregivers are ALICE certified, which means they are finger printed, CPR trained, caregiving trained, bonded, insured, etc. Independent babysitters are not. And as parents try our services, they are feeling a heavy burden lifted,” says Frances.

When scheduling service, a parent will receive a text message when her ALICE is on the

way, when her child gets in the car and when she arrives at her destination. Parents can also track their child in real-time.

You are paying for the convenience though.

“Parents appreciate the extensive vetting and safety measures and are willing to pay a higher price for them,” says Frances.

They bill every 15 minutes. If you’re paying as you go, that’s about $12 for 15 minutes depending upon the task. You can also pre-purchase ALICE “coins” and save 30% on service.