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New Cape Coral Fire Station

Cape Coral will be getting its 11th fire station this fall. It’s a four million dollar project meant help reduce response times.

The purpose of this new station is to serve areas that are currently being covered by stations seven and eight. As it is now, the fire stations currently servicing this area are over five miles away from the new 1038 Burnt Store Rd location.

“A fire doubles in size every 30 seconds,” says Steven Olson, Division Chief of Logistics for Cape Coral Fire Department.

In an emergency, those seconds count.

Forbes listed Cape Coral as the fastest growing city in the US . By building station 11, this will better accommodate the growing community by offering a four-person fire engine that provides fire suppression and Advanced Life Support (ALS) services.

This project will be funded by the fire services assessment. That means the money will be not be coming from property taxes, but from the city . Property taxes vary based on the market so this assessment will ensure that funding is stable.

Cape Coral Fire Department hopes this state will be up and running by fall of this year. Let us know what you think about it.