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May Contain Broken Glass, Loud Music and Inspiration

This week, Jillian explores the end of civilization, a.k.a. the death of the CD, a treat that even the pickiest of eaters will love, winning BBQ sauce and ways you can save a life!

Entrepreneur Curt Sheard, founder of Big Bois Amazing BBQ Sauces and Rubs is repping SWFL on reality television. A&E’s reality TV show, Rooster & Butch to be exact. The man behind Big Boys BBQ sauce took home up to 1 Million dollars to invest in his business. But, Curt is no rookie at the investment table. In 2014, Big Boi’s won $5,000 in the American Dream seekers entrepreneurial competition. So, what do Curt’s winnings mean for the SWFL community? Not to mention, Curt sources the tomatoes for his sauce from Immokalee! A big win for Curt and perhaps CDs win for SWFL! SAUCY SWFL »

Is 2018 the year of retiring CDs? The verdict is not yet in, but Best Buy is taking them off the shelves. So, we spoke to local music store owner, Joe, owner of Joes Record Exchange. He says that his store hasn’t been selling CD’s in a while. So, what’s the deal? Will CDs be the new vinyl record? Joe thinks that CD’s will soon become novel to those who didn’t grow up with it. Maybe he’s right. The moral of the story? Hold onto your CD’s because they could be a pretty impressive relic to have in the coming decades. THE YEAR OF CD’S END? »

Now, breaking glass could mean saving a life (or a pair of keys.) If you ever see a child or someone’s keys locked in their car, Tonie uncovered ways in which you can help! While some news outlets have been suggesting that citizens purchase “window breakers,” Tonie did a little experiment to test out two of the window breakers versus a good ol’ household hammer. The results? The hammer was much more effective. Verdict? Carry a hammer with you in your car in case you are in a situation that calls for breaking a window. If you’re concerned about getting in legal trouble for all this breaking simply call 911 before you break the window, don’t use any unnecessary force and lastly, you have to stay with the child, or animal until the police arrive. A RISK YOU CAN TRY AT HOME! »

At HelloSWFL, we’ve been featuring local Mompreneur success stories. Tara’s most recent find is the story behind Betsy’s Best Nut Butter. A registered dietician, Betsy began playing with nut butters at her home kitchen in hopes to find solutions to her daughter’s picky eating habits. Betsy enjoyed making the butter so much that she started sharing it with her family and friends before hitting farmers markets and later, store shelves. If healthy granola bars sounds like a remedy for your picky eater, Betsy has the perfect recipe for you. Happy, healthy eating SWFL! FIX YOUR PICKY EATER »