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Lee Health Offers Workshops for Chronic Pain and Chronic Disease

Lee Health is offering both Chronic Pain and Chronic Disease Workshops for residents of Lee County.

It is a six-week program where you meet once a week to learn a variety of ways to self-manage any chronic pain or disease.

This workshop offers solutions to ease pain, aside from medication. The program is not disease-specific. Anyone suffering from chronic pain can attend to learn coping mechanisms.

“What we know is that through adopting a healthier lifestyle through better eating habits, physical activity, dealing with stress in our lives, we can actually reverse a lot of chronic health conditions,” said Sharon Krispinsky the Chronic Health Program Coordinator.

Relieving pain can be tricky.  Intense pain often requires strong medicine.  Both of those increase the risk of addiction. The link between chronic pain and opioid addiction is undeniable. Krispinsky says this workshop is a way for you to learn other solutions.

“The chronic pain workshops, I view, as a tool to help with the Opioid epidemic. Because very often patients don’t realize when you’re suffering from chronic pain, that there’s a variety of tools beyond medication that can help with pain relief,” Krispinsky said.

Krispinsky says that in order to make these workshops available and accessible, they offer them all over Lee County.

“These workshops are open to anyone in Lee County and there’s absolutely no cost. We come out to the community so you’ll find these workshops at churches, senior centers, assisted living facilities, a variety of sites throughout Lee County,” Krispinsky said. “The workshops are scattered throughout Lee County because we don’t want transportation to be a barrier for anyone to access these workshops.”

The next session starts May 25. To register, call (239)343-9264.

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