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FruitsScapes Nursery

Have you always wanted a garden full of trees that would yield you hundreds of pounds worth of your favorite exotic fruit per year but thought it would be impossible or a lot of work? Believe it or not, planting your very own fruit trees is a lot simpler than you would think. FruitScapes Nursery and fruit stand in Pine Island has dozens of varieties of mango’s and rare tropical fruits not found anywhere else in the states.

What once started off as two friends purchasing a plot of land with no real plan of what to do with it, fast forward a couple of years later, they decided to plant the first trees. Since first opening up the company in 2008, Stephan Cucura and partner Jesus Avalos now have acres of land with some of the rarest and tastiest fruit around this side of the country. And having your very own is as simple as purchasing a tree, digging a hole in the ground, and putting the soil back. Well, there are just a couple of more steps like watering and fertilizer, but that is about it for any of the hard work.

The nursery has a wide range of fruit trees for you to choose from like your mango’s, coconuts, and avocado’s to your more exotic stuff like Lychee, jaboticaba, and sapodilla which is a fruit that has the color, consistency, and texture of chocolate pudding. So next time you’re driving around Pine Island and want to try some real fruit, not that grocery store stuff, then be sure to give FruitScapes a visit and have a tour where you can take in the fresh citrus smells and colors of all they have to offer.