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Endeavor Innovative Workplaces

When people think of business hubs, they think of tall buildings in a densely populated area with coffee shops on every street corner. That’s not the SWFL way of course. The business hub here is off of Alico Blvd behind several nondescript buildings surrounded by fields and cattle.

That’s more like it!

Endeavor Innovative Workplaces has the look of all those Silicon Valley offices mixed with artwork by Walter Arnold. CEO Bjorn Rosinus gave us a tour of his facility which houses over 75 local businesses in a shared workplace environment. Everything is designed to help local small businesses gain legitimacy with space so they can meet their clients and to cultivate business ideas. From a large shared workspace, so different companies can network to the privacy of nursing stations, Bjorn keeps working on plans to prune an environment of a tight-knit community.

He even strategically plans events to encourage discussion among his clients with a waffle Wednesday and has planted a throne in the game room to start conversations.

During the tour, I couldn’t help but imagine Bjorn as a gardener of businesses. Mainly that’s what’s he’s doing. He has no control if a company who is renting one of the spaces is going to grow roots but he can do to make sure the fertilizer is there, and they get plenty of sunshine.

Let’s all hope he has a green thumb.