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Electric Bike Shop Rolls into Fort Myers

It’s official! The first electric bike shop has opened in Fort Myers.

In 2017, Lisa and Skip Badolato decided it was time to retire from their finance careers and jump into the world of entrepreneurship. The husband and wife duo moved from New Jersey to Southwest Florida and opened up the only bike store solely dedicated to electric bikes.

On March 2, Lisa and Skip celebrated the grand opening of their Pedego Electric Bike Shop , which is located on First Street in Downtown, Fort Myers.

“We were interested in a location where we would have a 12-month season,” Skip explained when asked why he and his wife chose Southwest Florida.

As some of you probably already guessed, Southwest Florida’s weather is perfect for bike riding year round.

But besides the great weather, Skip said the new tax laws were also part of the deciding factor to starting a business in Florida. “The allowances that have been increased make running a business more profitable,” he said.

The electric bike market, or e-bikes, is popular in Europe. According to Navigant Research , global e-bike sales are expected to generate $24.4 billion in revenue by 2025.

“Business has been great,” Skip noted. “We understand that [business] will tail off when a lot of the snowbirds go back.”

Anyone can ride an e-bike, although, most of the customers in Fort Myers are from the Baby Boomer generation.

“A lot of our clients want to be on a bike but can’t because of knee surgery,” Lisa shared. “We also have bikes for children.”

The starting price for an e-bike is in the range of $3000.

If the thought of getting on a motorized bicycle scares you, Lisa has one suggestion. “We highly encourage anyone who has that fear to come in and get a test ride. Because you don’t know until you get on these bikes.”

The test ride is free!

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