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Echo Farms Fights World Hunger From Fort Myers

World hunger: we all know about its devastating effects, but how do we put an end to it?  Echo Farms strives to fight world hunger by educating farmers and the public about farming techniques for small-scale food production to efficiently produce sustainable food in areas of need.

Tucked away in North Fort Myers, resides Echo Farms, a local faith-based organization with a big reach and a passion for global food production. For over 30 years, Echo Farms has been raising money and gathering solutions for worldwide food problems. After hearing about Echo Farms incredible mission, we decided to venture to North Fort Myers to learn more. The farm consists of everything from a tropical fruit nursery to the Global Farm and Research Center, each area providing a unique educational lesson.  Every corner you turn you discover new ways in which people can feed themselves through low-tech farming practices.

We navigate through the farm grounds. Warm air caresses the nearby palms as the tour begins. Here, we learn about Echo Farm’s education process, where they are teaching useful skills to global development workers.  Skills such as how to use appropriate technology to solve food production issues by using only the areas’ available resources. Thus, ensuring that each region is not only being helped but will remain self-sustaining for years to come. With regional centers in Asia, East Africa, and West Africa, Echo Farms focuses on making sure the people of those areas can use their surrounding resources to grow food.

A compelling and important solution to a worldwide problem, Echo Farms provides a learning opportunity for Southwest Florida to expand its reach and touch the lives of those in need.

Learn more about the positive impact of Echo Farms by visiting them at 17391 Durrance Road, North Fort Myers, Florida 33917 or visit their website here !