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Cape Coral a Purple Heart City

What is a Purple Heart? Why is Cape Coral established as a Purple Heart City? Most of us came across a viral video of a lady who was commissioned to paint a mural in Cape Coral of an American flag. Once she was finished, she was told the mural needed to be taken down due to there being a logo, which makes the painting an advertisement.

Many people in the city supported the mural and to comply by the city and continue to show patriotism, the logo was taken off and was replaced by a message that says “Cape Coral is a Purple Heart City.”

We went to the Cape Coral military museum to talk to veterans and find out what it takes for a city to become a “Purple Heart” city. It turns out that there are almost 100,000 veterans in Southwest Florida. In order to get the city title, the city must show “gratitude” and submit a proclamation to the city council or Board of Commissioners.

Here’s a workflow people can use to submit to their city.

It was a pleasure and an honor to do this story. If you haven’t visited the military museum in Cape Coral, they are located at:
4820 Leonard St, Cape Coral, FL 33904
(Closed on Sundays)