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Beloved Italian Restaurant Returns to Cape Coral

After 41 years in business, the popular Italian restaurant closed in 2017 – but now it’s back.

To the delight of many Cape Coral residents, Leone’s Italian restaurant is open again.

It closed last year after 41 years in business. Rosaria Leone, a popular cook at the restaurant, had to retire due to a bad knee.

But now, she’s back.

“(For) my son,” she said.

Rosaria is helping her son get things back up and running 100%.

“Everything is real old fashioned, starting from scratch,” said the 79-year-old Leone of the restaurant.

She’s pitching in to help cook and clean up as the restaurant is still dealing with damage from Hurricane Irma.

“I clean all things myself because I don’t trust nobody,” she said.

Rosaria said her role will slowly diminish as Leone’s gets back up to speed. Until then, the community is undoubtedly glad to have her back.