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Are You in Need of Baby Supplies?

Last week, it was widely reported that three women stole $1,500 worth of baby formula in Lehigh Acres.

The motivation behind the crime is not yet known but can fall into two basic categories:

1: Sell it on the streets or online for a profit.

2: They have reached a point of such desperation they had to steal to feed their infants.

If it’s the former then we hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law however, if you are in the position where you are desperate for baby formula you are not alone.

According to the No Kid Hungry , the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, or commonly known as WIC, serves 53% of all infants born in the United States. And local charities like Baby Basics Collier County won’t turn you away.

“Right now,” explained Jean Ann, founder of Baby Basics Collier County, “we are serving 421 babies every single month. They get a free case of diapers and our volunteers give them kindness. A sense of community.”

Many organizations treat those in need the same way and if one charity can’t assist you Jean Ann knows a number you can call.

“Families in need can dial 2-1-1 can get a list of organizations who can help children.”

Also on our website are several life hacks to get free baby formula from the manufactures and hospitals. There are people out here who can help and if you want to help in your area you too can open a “branch” of Baby Basics this is what Jean Ann Has to say:

“First off, we would need a leader who would be willing to be a site manager…” Said Jean, “We would have to have volunteers in place to open up a new place. If we felt like we had the right volunteers in place and leadership in place and a distribution site… space and storage… we could probably be open in about six months.”

Here are the links to baby supplies:

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· March of Dimes

· Gerber money back guarantee and sample program