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Advertisement or Art?

We came across a viral Facebook live video by Marty Wisher about a mural that she painted that caused a bit of local controversy. In her video, Marty explains that she was painting a huge American flag on the side of a house, when all of the sudden, a city official from code enforcement told her that the mural violates the city code. Some people were angry and confused that a mural painting of the American flag was a violation.

Let me explain what happened. Code enforcement received a call from someone in the community that passed by the mural, asking if it is illegal for someone to paint a huge mural on the side of a house. The city passed by the mural, and didn’t see anything that violets the code. The next day the city passed by the mural once more and noticed that there was now a huge logo of a company on the side of it.

This is when they approached Marty and told her that the mural is in violation of the city’s code since it is illegal to put an advertisement on the side of a residential house. In our video, we gave the opportunity to both sides to share their side of the story in order to bring clarity to the issue and hopefully bring some peace of mind to the city.