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8-Bit Hall of Fame

Jason Cosser loves his hobby. Maybe a little too much for his wife’s tastes. When she told him to get rid of his extensive Mario collection, Jason didn’t want to pawn it all to the local thrift store or sell it online. Instead, he rented out space in Bonita Springs and called it 8-Bit Hall of Fame. A small hobby store he only had open at night for a couple of days a week.

Four years later, the store has expanded to the adjacent area and is now paying off his students loans for his master’s degree in education.

He never expected it grow so quickly and when he faced the choice of continuing teaching 6th-grade history or surround himself with all things Mario, the Italian plumber won out.

Eight hours a day, seven days a week, Jason maintains and operates the store by himself, and he has loved every minute of it, and since it pays the bills, his wife is happy with