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31-Produce Farm Encouraging SWFL To Buy Local Produce

by Gabriela Hardan

Known for its succulent strawberries and farm fresh cooking, 31 Produce Farm is now back in season, offering customers more than just your local fruits and vegetables. 31 produce’s growing season spans nearly eight months out of the year, growing about 22 varieties of fruits and vegetables. It is also a U-Pick Farm, meaning its customers are allowed to roam throughout the fields and personally pick whatever individual vegetables and fruits they want to add to their basket.

Owner, Mike Greenwell, stresses the importance of locally grown produce and year-round markets, saying that it is not only healthier for consumers, but it also benefits the environment. “Having these small farms is very important to the local people, because we’re not impacting our states with all the trucks and traffic and getting vegetables from New York, we’re doing it right here in Florida,” Greenwell said.

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31 Produce focuses on the importance of agricultural farming and is furthering the movement to purchase fruits and vegetables locally. “The fact that we know what we’re spraying here, you know, we’re an organic-type farm as far as our sprays go, so we feel like it’s healthier, and it’s exciting for the kids to see where their food comes from,” Greenwell said.

He expresses his gratitude to the Florida Agritourism Law, which allows farmers to diversify their market and provide not only produce, but crafts, restaurants, ice cream and other products in the market.

This family-friendly farm not only offers produce, but it also has a restaurant, a cafe, a mining operation, a petting zoo and a nursery. Greenwell says he feels it is important to provide a full, enriching experience of a U-Pick farm to the customers.

31 Produce’s U-Pick fruits and vegetables will be in season until June. People of southwest Florida, come out and support locally grown produce.

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