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Video: Dunbar High School Students Operate Their Own TV Production Studio

TV production teacher, Erin Goldblatt, pridefully introduces her classroom, explaining that students produce and run their own news station. Advanced is an understatement when describing the students of Dunbar High School . Ms. Goldblatt elaborates on the independent nature of her students, “I’m proud to say that when I’m out, the show must go on.” The TV production room is a testament to Dunbar High School ‘s students ability to not only operate the advanced technology they are provided, but to understand it well enough to utilize it.

Da’rielle Mundle is an 11th grade student who is responsible for managing the news production of the class. Her role involves managing and overseeing the news team and approving the content they produce. Da’rielle’s role showcases the top-level skills that can be acquired at Dunbar, and success that can be achieved at a high school level.

Heading into the production studio, we are introduced to Tyler, a 15-year old Freshman at Dunbar. Despite his young age, Tyler exudes confidence and a deep understanding of technology and the world of business. He speaks passionately about his affinity for TV production and particularly, its inclusive nature, “TV production isn’t about ethnicity, that doesn’t matter here.” Tyler leads us around the production studio like a true young professional, showcasing equipment and explaining the production process from start to finish.

The TV production class at Dunbar High School not only helps students hone their skills, but also teaches them teamwork. Students gain unparalleled hands-on experience that they will carry with them as they enter the professional world.