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STEAM Spring Activities for Kids

I remember spring break! Couch potato Saturdays. Morning cartoon Mondays! It’s a free-for-all the entire week. Walking out into the kitchen in your favorite Batman pajamas at noon seems all fine and dandy ’til Wednesday rolls around. I was always bored. This Spring Break moms can avoid this with their kids by implementing a trending Florida curriculum S.T.E.M, but with a twist!

The S.T.E.M. curriculum has been implemented in schools to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math into their lessons. However, many are not aware of S.T.E.A.M. This also implements ‘arts.’ Some schools such as Babcock Ranch in Port Charlotte are bringing the arts back to school. But you don’t need to enroll your kid anywhere else. Even at home, over spring break, you can keep engaging your child.

We decided to help some moms out and let them know about some great spring activities for children that implement all letters of the S.T.E.A.M curriculum.


Science can be fun and exciting! The Imaginarium Science Center has a science program, which runs from June 5th to August 4th. It brings students into the times of Calusa Indians before cars, electricity, and more. Kids are split up into teams and compete in survival challenges for a week. Some topics touch on pyro technology and archaeology. Registration is open for grades 1-7.


Your kids can learn all about engineering and robotics with Legos! Bricks 4 Kidz combines science, technology, and engineering with robotics. Legos come to life. Robots become mini friends. It’s a way for your little ones to get in-depth with their inner engineer.

Sylvan ‘s Robotics for Kids also has an engineering robotics program for children in Fort Myers. This program is based off Lego’s WeDo software. It provides a healthy balance between computer programming concepts and self-exploration.


With so much focus on encouraging students to dive into S.T.E.M programs, the arts and craft aspect gets left behind.

Painting with a Twist isn’t just for adults. Switch out the wine for kid-friendly juices. The Fort Myers studio has Disney and Star Wars themed children’s classes for the month of April. Kid’s camp is also available during the week of April 10th.

The Alliance for the Arts holds a spring camp from April 10th-14th. Children can experience theater and set design for Broadway productions. So whether your little one is a triple treat or a theater enthusiast, it suits all children.

Be sure to keep your kids active, mentally and physically. Let us know on Facebook what your plans are for your kids this Spring Break!