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Lee County School District Not Allowing National Walkout Participation

Walkouts to advocate for gun safety laws have been happening all over the country since 17 students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on February 14.

On Wednesday, everyone is invited to participate in a walkout, planned as a memorial and a protest for action.

The walkout will last 17 minutes starting at 10 a.m. local time to honor the 17 victims in Parkland.

  1. Organizers want a show of support to convince Congress to:
  2. Ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines
  3. Expand background checks to all gun sales\Pass a gun violence restraining order law

The idea originated with the youth branch of the Women’s March.

Students do have the First Amendment right to protest, but they could face disciplinary action if they walkout without permission from administration.

The Lee County School district announced Monday it is not behind the walkout and it’s planning alternate advocacy actions with student leaders.

A document the district sent us stated teachers are not allowed to advocate either, nor do they have the right.

Mark Castellano with the Teachers Association of Lee County said in a statement:
“I have had extensive conversations with Dr. Adkins about this. While this isn’t directly a TALC issue, it is significant to public education safety, and even more importantly to me, a significant “moment in time” for our state and our nation. I would have liked our district’s take on the nation-wide student walkout to have been used to allow us focus on the “WHY” of this action; on the solemnity of the moment; on the honoring of the 17 dead and 14 wounded MSD students; on the function and purpose of PEACEFUL actions we have taken in our country to initiate change. I am concerned that we are missing a golden moment to help our students use their voice to move our society toward positive change.

This said, I have confidence in Dr. Adkins’ promise that his meeting with students and administrators will lead to actions that will honor the fallen AND lend itself to positive changes in our school district, our state, and our nation.”

The ACLU of Florida also wrote a note asking superintendents to seize this opportunity. Do you plan on participating or letting your child participate?