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Protect Your Kids From Bus Bullying

4:25 PM, Sep 10, 2018

Bullying has been around for centuries and it still happens everywhere, including school buses. What is a way to protect them when they're on a school bus?

“One of the ways we encourage to prevent bullying is for parents to be talking to their students,” Rob Spicker said, an employee from the Lee County School District .

Jennifer Kupiec, an employee from the Collier County School District, agrees with the recommendation and adds, "Conversations with your child may also reveal potential problems to be reported."

Protecting your Kids from Bus Bullying

Collier County School District offers tips for parents to help prevent bulling incidents. Encouraging your child to talk you can aid in the goal of protecting your kids from bus bullying . This will create a base for open communication between your child and you.

They also recommend you praise your child for positive communication and behavior so if they find themselves in a situation where they're being bullied they can talk to you about it. Other tips Collier County School District suggest are:

  • Provide/ensure adequate supervision
  • Teach your child to be assertive rather than aggressive or violent when confronted by a bully
  • Verify that consistent messages about rules and safety are practiced in your child's school
  • Make sure the school staff is trained in bullying prevention
  • Build a relationship with your child's teachers and administrators

So what can the students do if they are being bullied?
Collier County School District says students should stay away from bullies and tell an adult about the bullying. Other tips the school district offers for students are:

  • Avoid bad situations
  • Make friends
  • If bullied, tell the bully to stop; then walk away

Both counties rely on the help of the bus driver to protect students from being bullied when on the bus. However, cameras are installed inside all school buses in case they ever have to investigate a complaint or incident report.

You can find more bullying resources from the federal government at or at our schooling in SWFL page.