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You Made it! Here's the Scoop From the Past Week

If you’re a SWFL resident or frequent visitor, chances are you’ve heard of “Red Tide” a.k.a dead fish, EVERYWHERE. During her shoot, Hello SWFL’s Olivia counted 15 dead fish to be exact. Fifteen! So , if you’re thinking of taking a beach trip this week , you might want to check out the Red TIde status at first! What’s cooler than cool? The air conditioning industry, because business is BOOMING! While it is tough work, it sure isn’t a bad alternative to sitting at a desk all day. Plus, it’s a skill you can always use ! It’s been three years since the ZombiCon shooting in downtown Fort Myers. So, Katie set out to get a read on the community to see whether or not they feel safe living and working downtown. Overall, the response from downtowners was positive and safety seems to be expected by many. Ahh baseball, a fun, entertaining escape for many. But, especially for the disabled. That’s why the Game Day Bunch was created! This non-profit is hosting 100 disabled individuals to have a seat at an MLB game, giving them a break from reality, a chance to meet new friends and of course, enjoy a ball game!