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Yet Another List Says We Suck At Something

A report by WalletHub ranked Florida the state with the 8th worst dental health.

So apparently, Florida people like you and me do not have very good dental health.

“I am surprised,” said Mario Polanco, a general dentist at Lee Dental Care.

Mario wouldn’t have guessed this report by WalletHub put us 44th on its list of states with the best and worst dental health.

“We’ve got a relaxed lifestyle. We’ve got a diverse culture as well. And we have a lot of sweets in our diet,” said Mario.

The report dives into a few categories — including this painful ranking: we rank 49th on percentage of adults with poor or fair oral condition. Yikes.

“(Our state) is having trouble making the patients understand that once they solve the problems, they have to start being more proactive as far as trying to prevent problems,” explained Mario.

That’s why Mario says improving that ranking is about teaching consistent prevention. Something he stresses in his role at Lee Dental Care.

But there’s more to the issue. Mario says people in Florida often come in from different countries where seeking dental care is unusual. So they never do because they don’t think to.

“Where in other third world countries, it’s difficult to have access to dental health. So they’re not used to coming in (after moving here),” he said.

Then there’s the tourists and beach goers. According to Mario, your eating habits might change for the worse on a day at the beach.

“If you go to the beach, you’re not necessarily going to do the right thing for your diet,” said Mario.

What’s more? The cost of dental insurance. Some people just can’t afford it. But this dentist recommends paying a little upfront to save more down the road.

“Sometimes, doing a small investment at the beginning will save them a lot of money in the long term.”

So what’s up? Do you fit into this miserable ranking? Or are your teeth squeaky clean?

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