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YEP, There is an App for That : Navionics Boating App

It’s hard to believe that we still have debris from Hurrican Irma. It’s been more than four months, and although the community has come together to work towards a clean Southwest Florida, we are still far from being done.

This is why the boating community is coming together to map any debris they come across to alert NOAA and other programs. We came across a marine mapping company that allows people to mark debris from an app. It’s called “Navionics”.

Here’s how you can help map the area.

Download the free trial of the Navionics app. (link below)
Once you open the app, you can select the area from your location and mark the debris. From there NOAA and other agencies will be more effective in looking for obstructions.

The downside to this effort is that after the two weeks trial, you can get charged around $10 for the yearly subscription. Do you know of any other programs doing something similar? If so, let us know!