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Wisner Desmaret: Looking Into the Boxer's Past

Who is Wisner Desmaret?

Right now, he’s the suspect in the shooting of Fort Myers Police officer Adam Jobbers-Miller.

Jobbers-Miller was shot Saturday night after a short chase on foot near a Marathon gas station off Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Fort Myers. He was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery, and is in critical yet stable condition as of Monday.

Desmaret has been arrested in the past. He has been booked by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Sarasota Sheriff’s Office a total of 14 times between 2010 and 2017. His charges include anything from burglary, larceny, cocaine possession, and trespassing.

But who was the 29-year-old man outside his times in jail?

Through some research, we found that Desmaret was a boxer, and a promising one at that.

In his teenage years, he was even part of the Fort Myers Police Athletic League, according to an article written by the Naples Daily News in 2008.

We caught up with someone Wisner used to box with.

“He was a cool dude, he actually came to the gym to get out of trouble like a lot of people did back then,” Bryan Perealla said. “He had a lot of natural power.”

Perealla said boxing is a good outlet for anger or things going through your mind, but sometimes the street life holds people back.

Based on his list of past charges, using boxing as an outlet didn’t last long for Desmaret. We still have questions on how things led to what happened Saturday night.

The Fort Myers Police Department has not yet released information on the motives or more details on the shooting.

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Additional reporting by Terrace Myles