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Why No Romaine Recall?

Hopefully, by now you’re all up to date about E.Coli contaminated romaine lettuce.

The federal government sent out an alert warning you to toss romaine lettuce in the trash if it’s from Yuma, Arizona.

In Southwest Florida, The Fresh Market alerted its customers that Dole Food Company and Freshway Foods issued a recall for chopped romaine lettuce, due to E.coli. Those products are no longer on the shelves.

But why hasn’t there been a nationwide recall?

According to the Food and Drug Administration , they have to know exactly where the bacteria seeped in.

The Centers for Disease Control traced E.coli contaminated romaine lettuce back to Yuma, Arizona.

According to Arizona Farm Bureau, Yuma is considered to be the third largest vegetable producer in the United States, and most of the region produces lettuce.

At least 50,000 acres worth of lettuce, including romaine , comes straight from Yuma, Arizona.

As you can imagine, narrowing down the exact source of tainted E.coli in Yuma is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Until the FDA and the CDC find the exact source of contaminated romaine lettuce, some companies, and grocery stores, are opting for a voluntary recall.

So, unless you know for sure where your romaine lettuce is coming from, avoid the leafy green for now.