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Why Is Air Conditioning Not A Requirement In Florida Apartments?

The owner of a unit at Lely Pines Condos in Naples says its been without air conditioning for three days as work is being done on the roof.

Some people at Lely Pines Condos in Naples are saying they’ve been without air conditioning for three days now.

“They (called) me asking me if I knew that they’re going to disconnect the (air conditioning) units. They go, ‘Well they’re working on the roof and they turned it off since this morning,’” said Guillermo Lohfeldt, who owns one unit at the condominiums.

Lohfeldt said he wasn’t informed of the construction or that the air conditioning would be turned off in advance. He quickly installed a temporary unit for the tenants in his unit in the meantime.

Regarding apartment living requirements, says: “It must have working plumbing, hot water, and heating, be structurally sound and have reasonable security, including working and locking doors and windows, and it must be free of pests.”

Yes. Heat is a requirement, but air conditioning is not. In Florida. So we spoke with three contractors to find out how typical it is for tenants to shut down air conditioning units to work on a roof.

Jeremy Goddard, a Naples roofer, said, “If it’s a flat roof and the (air conditioning) units are on top of the roof, yes, they have to be disconnected and removed for the roof to be redone.”

He did say, however, that if it takes longer than two or three days, you can chalk it up to disorganization.`

“Couldn’t get the roofers and the A/C guys to mesh,” he said.

We then asked another Naples contractor, Dustin Heaps, if he could think of any situation where it could take longer than two or three days.

He simply said, “No.”

However, Goddard said if the roof is especially large, it’s possible.

Another contractor, David Spicer, said, “I would say they picked this time of year because it is generally cooler by at least ten degrees, but these temperatures are out of the ordinary.”

We called the complex looking for a word from its president and they told us they couldn’t comment at this time.