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Why Are You Celebrating Halloween?

Everybody enjoys a good celebration, and perhaps a less than good one from time to time. That said, do we blindly partake in holidays just because they exist on the calendar?  Long ago, in a world that would seem unrecognizable to us today, holidays and celebrations served a utilitarian purpose, without which, social order could very well break down. Like our tailbone, some holidays seem to serve no purpose. But hey, it’s already there. We’re not here to say whether people should celebrate or not. I know we will be.

My niece and nephew LOVE Halloween, and frankly I really really like it.  It’s cool to have days which are pre-ordained and officially recognized as a time to have fun. I like to know why I do things. And I think it is beyond fair to ask questions. I am excited for this Halloween, and not because I will be celebrating anything in particular, and especially not because it is officially on the calendar. I am excited for Halloween because people I love are excited about it and that is all the reason I need. Is there a reason you celebrate Halloween…or not?