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Where Leftover Fireworks Go After the Fourth of July

The day after the Fourth of July. You probably have some leftover BBQ food and decorations to take down, but what happens to all the fireworks that weren’t purchased?

We learned it takes a day for a fireworks tent to get completely torn down. Once the product is boxed up, it’s shipped to a dry warehouse somewhere in the country.

Workers at TNT Fireworks on Colonial Boulevard said it’s taken them a week to plan for the breakdown of all of their inventory, and on Thursday they move it into a shipment box and send it off to a warehouse in Riverview, Florida.

We also stopped by Samurai Fireworks in Market Square who were doing something similar. John, an employee at Samurai, said it takes a full day to break down the tent and, when they’re done, ship off the fireworks to a warehouse in Miami.

When sellers aren’t selling fireworks, they are working to get permits, leases, and zoning information. A lot of work is behind the scenes to make sure the week they’re open for business goes smoothly.

“It takes months of planning, before and after, mostly working on permits and city zoning and finding new spots – all for a couple of days, four or five days,” John said.

But not all places close up shop. Sky King Fireworks are open all year. Right now, they are cleaning up the store, taking inventory, and getting shipments ready for New Years.

Reporting by Jalyn Henderson