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Where Can You Go If You Can't Afford High Priced Medications?

A local Pharmacy is handing out advice when it comes affording high price medications.

“You never want to hear somebody deciding between buying groceries or buying their prescriptions,” said T.J Depaola of Cypress Pharmacy. “That’s a sad thing that we hear quite a bit and it does happen.”

Consumer reports say the cost of medication continues to go up. We noticed some people asking the same question over and over on social media. Where can you go if you can’t afford these high prices?

“There are several options that they can take. One option that we have is that we compound medications so we can make medications similar to what they were getting but not exactly the same,” Depaola said. “The products were on a patent we can make a less expensive version of the medication custom make it try to save them some money.”

Another option is contacting your insurance company to see what is the less expensive medication you can get that is more cost-effective.

“If it’s an expensive brand medication they can contact the drug company directly and go into what’s called patient assistance,” Depaola said. “Patient assistance will essentially ship the medication to their house either at little cost or no cost at all to the patient.”

Simply having a conversation with your doctor or you pharmacist can help east the stress on your pockets.

“My best advice is to stay informed be proactive if something is initially $400 when you go to the pharmacy I would ask for alternatives rather than paying a $400,” Depaola said. “It’s not a reasonable price to pay for most people. That will be my best advice.”