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Where are the Red Tide Warning Signs?

Any impact on water quality can have a tremendous impact on our community. Officials believe that red tide isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Side effects of red tide has people coughing at the beach. Others have reported an irritation on their skin.

So that made us wonder, have you seen any signs warning about red tide on beaches?

We went to city hall and asked why and it turns out the city is not responsible for the signage.

“The state of Florida is responsible for the signage if it reaches the level of a health advisory… it’s very tricky cause not every person is impacted the same way by red tide,” Sanibel City Manage Judi Zimomra said.

Florida has a program, Florida Healthy Beaches, where you can see the good, the bad and the ugly of red tide on your beach. You can also report any health reactions you might have from the red tide, like coughing.

If you’re looking to go out for a nice beach day just be careful, red tide effects everyone differently.

Reporting by Terrace Myles