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What's that Smell?

What is that weird smell going around in some of the communities in Lehigh?

Lehigh residents noticed a smell they believe is either from the town’s faulty sewer system or the dried up canals that are killing the fish. They want to know how to stop it and where it’s coming from.

“It’s like if someone dumped a Porta Potty and dumped it right in your front yard” Erica, a Lehigh resident

The residents live right by the Lee County sheriff’s office.

No one wants to wake up to a smell like this, so we decided to go to the area and document these residents in an effort to create a dialogue.

Once I arrived at the area I couldn’t smell anything bad, so I decided to turn around. On my way back to our company vehicle, I came across another resident that confirmed that a weird smell has been haunting the community.

This might be a serious case, and we’ll continue to investigate this smell.

Where is it coming from?