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What's Going Up Near You: Construction in SWFL

Welcome to a new series where we find out what’s being built all around Southwest Florida. Our first entry is this grey building going up next to Lakes Park in Fort Myers. What is it? A school? A Prison? A center for emotionally distraught flamingos?

Nope! It’s a new assisted living facility for seniors. Looks like they are going games, community outings, and memory care.

Memory care if you were wondering, is specialized care for patients with Alzheimer and dementia.

They’re going to have different sizes from personal cottages to studio sized apartment.

Why are they going to build a 55+ community where partying kids, trains, and lazy joggers are literally going to be in their backyard?

The developer, Quantum Global, told the News-Press back in 2015, “Because of its climate, Florida is a great place to retire…” Well I hope the new residents will be okay with the dozens of birthday parties that take place at the park every Sunday.

If you see construction site going up and you want to know what it is, tell us below, email or scream at the top of your lungs at our office*. And we will find for you.

*Please don’t yell at our office window. Though we would love to meet our audience in person, our office is above a bank. They don’t have the same sense of humor we do and would most likely call the cops.