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What Parents Need to Know About Lunch Visits in School

High schoolers might not be too thrilled to share lunch with their parents. However, this option seems to be very popular in elementary schools, but what are the rules for in school lunch visits?

The Florida Department of Education says “each school district sets policies regarding parent visits to their child’s school and that individual charter schools set their own policies.”

Several months ago a student’s stepfather at Oasis Elementary School pretended to be her biological father, took her out of school, and fled the state. After this happened several times the elementary school tighten its security.

According to the Lee County School District “in public schools, principals decide if parents are allowed to have a lunch visit with their kids. And like any other visit, parents have to provide id at the office, sign in and sign out when they leave.”

Last year, the option of lunching with your kids was temporally canceled at Oasis Elementary. The principal of Oasis Elementary, Chris Cann, is hoping that with a tighter policy, everyone will continue to benefit from lunch visits, “ having them come back and eating lunch with their kids, I think everybody wins, I just think that everything needs to be safer.”

Cann said that at their school parents will have to fill out paperwork for a background check for the upcoming school year, “they will have to show their drivers’ license no matter what. Even if they are here every day of the week.”

There is no limit on how many family members can be on the lunch list as long as they clear a background check. At oasis elementary, it was Cann who decided to run background checks on parents.

Remember every school has guidelines and they’re all going to be different. If you’re in Lee County you can head to the school district website to read more on their guidelines.

Reporting by Val Simpson