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What Millennials Have to Say About Elections, Voting

6:02 PM, Nov 02, 2018


Val Simpson, Olivia Frain

Only 31 percent of millennials aged 18 to 34 said they will definitely vote in the midterm elections, according to a GenForward study.

What Millennials Have to Say About Elections, Voting

HelloSWFL took to the streets of Southwest Florida to ask them why they aren’t voting. A lot of reasons, actually. Some feel they don’t matter.

“I feel like the system's kind of corrupt and we don’t really have a say. They say we have a say but I don’t think we really do,” 19-year-old Misha McKelvey said.

“I’m not educated enough on politics nor do I agree enough on both the Democratic and the Republican sides so therefore I don’t think I should vote,” 24-year-old John Frye said.

For some, midterm elections don’t really peak their interest.

But it turns out some political experts see the millennials taking over the polls.

“From seeing preliminary discussions and forecasts there have been forecasts that say millennials and youth are voting much greater than they were in the 2016 election,” FGCU Political Science Professor Sandra Pavelka said.

Pavelka said millennials make up over half of the voting population, even in the midterm election. ”They have a lot to say, they’re engaged, they're educated, and they’re very influential.”


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