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Welcome Home Tony Kim, Kim Hak-Song, and Kim Dong-Chal

Pastor Illhwan Seo woke up to some good news Wednesday morning. Three American hostages returning home from North Korea.

Just another piece of what feels like a string of positive news recently coming out of the Korean peninsula.

“As you know two weeks ago, they meet and it made comfortable for Korean people,” said Seo.

This morning Tony Kim, Kim Hak-Song, and Kim Dong-Chal left North Korea and landed at US airbase in Japan. They’re expected to land in DC at around 2 am on Thursday.

Seo says the conflict on the peninsula is something that Korean’s in the Fort Myers area talk about, A LOT. He says everyone wants the two countries to reunite, but they still disagree over somethings.

“Some they don’t trust Kim. Some people. Oh, this is the signal to reunite the North Korea and South Korea. Reunite,” said Seo.

The situation in Korea is the buzz of the political world and will likely be a big topic during the election this fall. Bill Nelson and Rick Scott who are vying for one of Florida’s US Senate seats made sure they tweeted about it.

You can expect to hear about this issue until early November.