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Ways to Help Those Suffering From Hurricane Florence's Aftermath

1:13 PM, Sep 18, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

“The situation is all too familiar to us here in Southwest Florida, you know this was us 12 months ago,” Jill Palmer said, who is the executive director of the SWFL American Red Cross.

Palmer is right.

Ways to Help Those Suffering From Hurricane Florence's Aftermath

When Hurricane Irma flooded Southwest Florida last year, Lee County Schools was offering shelter to thousands. The Carolinas are suffering the same fate after Hurricane Florence. Mecklenburg County Schools, which is in North Carolina, has offered shelter in five of its schools.

The two states still need help. Lots of help.

Access to some of those blood donation centers were cut off,” Palmer said. “We’ve canceled several hundred blood donations and that’s resulted in about 4600 products that we were not able to collect.”

In South Florida, the American Red Cross does not collect blood donations, but you can still donate to other organizations that are sending blood to people who need it since the storm hit.

There are other ways to donate as well. “A financial donation allows us to mobilize our mission making sure that we’re able to get the items, the supplies to where they are needed most,” Palmer said.

Another thing you can donate is your time.

Consider joining the forces of the American Red Cross," Palmer said. "While we might not be able to deploy for this particular disaster situation, there’s always a need in your local community to volunteer."

These One Blood locations in SWFL are sending blood to the Carolinas:
- 6810 Shoppes at Plantation Dr. #5, Fort Myers, FL 33912
- 601 Del Prado Blvd N #6, Cape Coral, FL 33909
- 23080 Harbor View Rd, Port Charlotte, FL 33980

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